10 Sustainable Furniture Brands Redefining Eco-Friendly Design

10 Sustainable Furniture Brands Redefining Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainable furniture is not only fashionable–it is also good for the planet. Look for brands that use nontoxic materials, source renewable woods, and reduce packaging waste.

Search out businesses that practice fair labor practices and have third-party certifications like Fair Trade or B Corporation. In addition, search out firms that maintain strong vendor relations while supporting community development projects.

1. Made Trade

Furniture production can be a significant source of environmental pollution, with wood preservatives and chemicals from upholstery pieces polluting indoor air quality. Ethically made furniture can help lower exposure to these toxins as well as provide support to local communities.

Find furniture brands with third party certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, GREENGUARD and Forest Stewardship Council that use organically grown plant fibers or natural latex foam that won’t contribute to deforestation.

2. Objectry

Shopping secondhand furniture is an effective way to furnish your space without breaking the bank. Look for nontoxic fabrics and wood materials as well as recycled synthetic ones when purchasing second-hand items.

Minimalist furniture designs are also an eco-friendly choice, featuring clean lines and natural materials. To reduce emissions while upholding transparency in supply chains. The best brands source their materials locally to maximize sustainability.

3. Mistiqa

Americans produce 12 million tons of furniture waste annually, much of which ends up in landfills. To help combat this waste, Made Trade offers fair-trade modular furniture pieces like the Blumen Sofa Bed that can be customized with pillows and cushions to your specifications.

This sustainable furniture brand uses FSC-certified wood and GOLS organic latex foam that are free from toxic substances that offgas into your home, as well as locally sourcing materials in order to minimize transportation emissions.

4. Masaya & Co.

Selecting eco friendly furniture helps reduce toxic materials use and the environmental impact. Wood is one of the most sustainable natural resources, harvested responsibly before being reused at its end of life cycle.

Co-founder Abril draws her design inspiration from Nicaraguan landscapes and culture for her handcrafted pieces, while their reforestation project plants 100 trees for every piece they produce, helping with carbon sequestration and biodiversity preservation.

5. West Elm

West Elm provides consumers with creative and stylish furnishings for their spaces, while simultaneously contributing to environmental wellbeing through responsible sourcing and production practices.

At their core is the belief in using recycled wood and sustainably managed forests to reduce deforestation. Furthermore, their organic cotton and recycled polyester products have diverted more than 66 billion plastic bottles from landfills since 1995.

6. The Citizenry

The Citizenry believes our homes should reflect our journeys, so they travel around to partner with master artisans from different continents and combine modern style with traditional techniques for unique global aesthetic.

All their linens are produced through fair-trade methods and certified with GOTS/GOLS for organic integrity, GREENGUARD Gold for low emissions, and MADE SAFE for human and environmental safety. Additionally, non-toxic stains like linseed oil or natural wood oils are used.

7. Avocado

Avocado mattresses are widely known for being non-toxic, while this US based, certified B Corp gives back to environmental causes and is climate neutral.

Sustainable furniture brands typically feature minimalist interior designs and rustic, reclaimed aesthetics in their furniture collections, in addition to providing sustainable manufacturing practices and adhering to ethical production standards. This helps reduce energy usage and carbon emissions during production processes.

8. Refinery29

Digital media company turned furniture brand, This brand combines superior craftsmanship and sustainability when creating its pieces. Their collection of ethical furniture pieces includes FSC-certified wood pieces as well as those created from recycled plastic or other repurposed materials.

Medley Furniture’s sustainably sourced and designed-to-last furniture is handmade in the United States using sustainably harvested alder, low VOC plywood and solid walnut as main materials, along with cruelty-free eco-wool upholstery lining made of organic cotton as well as CertiPUR-US foam mattresses for long term comfort.

9. Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers of modern design, known for creating pieces that were both stylish and sustainable. Their pieces featured durable designs with recyclable materials like their iconic fiberglass chairs.

Williams-Sonoma brand GreenRow creates long-lasting furniture by using sustainable sources for wood sourcing, environmentally-friendly finishes and partnering with Fair Trade USA in planting trees for every piece sold.

10. Floss

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