Choosing Garden Styles

Choosing Garden Styles

Many garden styles are appropriate for any home and backyard, but there are some things to keep in mind when choosing one. One popular style is the country garden. A country style backyard will usually include simple colored flowers, a picnic table, and outdoor chairs. Despite its simplicity, it is not always easy to maintain. Country gardens tend to resemble knot gardens, with short hedges and a few colorful spots. This style usually centers on a focal point.

There are many styles to choose from, making it challenging to narrow down your selection and make the right decision. By establishing a style in advance, you can find items that reflect your unique personality and aesthetic preferences. By putting your style into words, you can then decide which elements to incorporate into your own garden. Once you know the style you want, it will help you decide what kind of plants, furniture, and other elements to use. You can even borrow elements from all styles if you wish.

The colonial American style reflects the desire of early settlers for edible plants, and the lack of resources to cultivate flowers. In contrast, Victorian styles grew in popularity, and may contain exotic plants and objects reflecting the industrial revolution. Vegetable gardens are clearly designed for use as food, though you can blend many types of plants into your garden. Similarly, Italian and Mediterranean gardens may incorporate many edible plants. This is especially true of English and French gardens, as well as Victorian styles.

While the natural style is often the most ‘carefree’ style, you can choose a more formal or structured style for your garden. Cottage style gardens tend to be more formal than the New American style, but still retain a lot of color and variety. If you want something more regimented, consider the modern or contemporary style. If you’re planning a garden for a business, you may want to consider a more modern garden style.

Asian style gardens are also considered to be more casual and informal. Oriental gardens often incorporate elements of Feng Shui, an ancient art of nine zones that promote peace and harmony. Modern landscape designs incorporate clean lines, bold patterns, and innovative materials. Abstract specimens are also commonly used. The styles can complement or contrast with other parts of a property. They are both ideal for outdoor living spaces. This article will give you an overview of the different types of Asian gardens.

The Mediterranean style is another popular one. This style is suited for warm and humid climates and will welcome tropical plants. They are characterized by bright colors, low shrubbery, and a water feature. The Mediterranean style, on the other hand, celebrates climates that support figs and other Mediterranean plants. Many Mediterranean style landscapes also incorporate seating areas and shady trees. There are many styles of coastal landscapes to choose from.