Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

No matter the size of your backyard, adding elements that create an idyllic outdoor sanctuary can transform it. Create comforts from home such as cozy furniture and cushioned seating to bring indoor comforts outside; and incorporate plants and water features for beauty and serenity.

Hot tub soaks provide the ultimate relaxation, so consider adding one to your backyard oasis. Plant varieties that create soothing scents may even serve to repel mosquitoes!

1. Outdoor Fireplace

Backyard getaways don’t need to be limited to seasonal resort vacations–they can become part of your daily life by creating the right atmosphere, relaxing features and other outdoor elements in your backyard. By designing it according to your individual preferences and making adjustments as needed, your backyard could become your own personal sanctuary.

Are you looking to add an inviting focal point to your seating area? An outdoor fireplace is an excellent solution – find an affordable patio paver set and create a personalized design with custom wood mantles for an exquisite appearance.

Adding soothing sounds of a babbling brook or waterfall can have a remarkable calming effect on you and your guests, providing hours of relaxing sounds in your backyard oasis. Don’t feel limited by incorporating water into your backyard oasis; even something as simple as adding shade will provide protection from harsh sun rays.

2. Water Feature

Water soothes our minds and hearts, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Depending on space and budget considerations, options may include tabletop fountains, Koi ponds or garden fountains, birdbaths, stock tank pools or even swimming pools.

Water features can help block noise from neighbors, nearby buildings or streets – something especially helpful if your backyard borders an active street or neighborhood.

Lighting is also essential to creating your backyard oasis. Solar-powered string lights or lanterns hung from trees create a magical ambience at night and help make the backyard an irresistibly welcoming space. Consider including motion-activated lights so guests are safer after dark; this encourages them to linger longer.

3. Seating

Plan a relaxing backyard escape and don’t forget to add cozy seating options! Choose from our wide selection of modular outdoor seating pieces – they can be configured into endless configurations to create unique seating zones in the garden! Add sofas, chairs or love seats as part of any seating zone to enjoy an afternoon or evening outdoors!

An expertly-designed cooking area is also the heart of your oasis. From barbecue grills to full kitchens, there are endless ways to transform this area into the place where you can entertain family and friends or share an outdoor meal together.

Installing a fire pit in your backyard escape is another easy and effective way to bring warmth and comfort. These structures can be made out of various materials and installation is typically straightforward.

4. Lighting

Lighting can help add warmth and atmosphere to your backyard oasis, creating a welcoming space where seating areas, dining zones, and stairs all feel at home. Lighting adds depth and texture while adding ambience for enhanced outdoor living space experiences.

Lighting design can bring any landscape feature, such as a pool, water feature, or unique landscape feature to life after sundown. Illuminated trees add another element of ambience and can help set an unforgettable ambiance in any outdoor oasis.

If you have kids in your household, a play area will add even more excitement. Classic backyard games such as croquet and badminton will always be popular; for something different try setting up an inflatable jungle gym or swing set!

5. Plants

Plants create the feeling of a backyard escape with just a few strategically-placed plants. Plants serve as privacy walls, add color or help muffle unwanted noise from neighbors. Ponds, waterfalls or even just simple babbling brooks all provide soothing sounds of running water which are useful in meditation as well as ambient noise machines.

Though not required for creating your paradise, a fire pit makes for the ideal centerpiece in any seating area and will serve as an enjoyable DIY project that you can do by yourself. From modern fire tables to classic in-ground firepits, there’s sure to be one perfect for your space.

An affordable way to expand your living space and increase its value, a patio, porch or deck is an inexpensive solution that also serves as a place for entertainment purposes.