How to Maximize Space in a Small Kids Bedroom

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kids Bedroom

If you have a small children’s bedroom, you may want to consider reorganizing the room to maximize space. This could mean dedicating a wall to storage or play space. This would be especially helpful for a child who is in the toy phase, or for older kids who are already doing homework. Alternatively, you can install drawers or bed rollers under the bed for extra storage. Tall bookcases can also be used to maximize vertical space in the room.

Another way to increase the size of a kids bedroom is to install a mirror. A large floor length mirror will help the room look larger. However, a small one might cause a safety hazard to young children. Use decorative mirrors to make the room seem larger.

A simple window treatment is another effective way to maximize space in a small kids bedroom. If the room is designed for girls, fairy lights can help create an ambiance. Adding plants and other decor to the room can also help make the room more gender neutral. Adding a large desk is also a great way to increase storage space.

Another clever way to maximize space in a small kids bedroom is to use multiple built-in bunk beds. One wall can be used for one child’s bunk and another for the other child’s. This allows for plenty of storage space around the beds. The opposite wall can also be used for a workstation or floor-to-ceiling cupboards.

A shared bedroom can be a great option if your child is a bookworm. The twin beds on either side of a colorful striped area rug are surrounded by bookshelves. A chest of drawers and a large dresser are also available. Adding a white quilt adds the finishing touch to the look.

Choose colors that are soft and neutral, while avoiding colors that clash with each other. Light colors reflect light and make a room appear larger. They also help children feel more comfortable in a smaller space. When choosing colors for a kids’ room, remember to consider the child’s personality.

If your kids are younger, consider installing a canopy to add a sense of height and space. It may seem like a fanciful idea, but a canopy can make the room look larger. A canopy can also be used to create a reading nook for a child. It is easy to purchase a canopy from an Etsy shop, and there are a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Adding storage space is essential in a small children’s bedroom. You can add shelves on the walls for toys and books. You can also install tall wardrobes for additional storage. Having vertical storage will help control the amount of clutter that may accumulate in the room.