Interior Design Trends for 2024

Interior Design Trends for 2024

After spending months cooped up inside, homeowners are ready to transform their homes. From a new take on subway tiles to bringing nature into the home, these interior design trends will make their mark in 2024.

Refresh your space with warm earth tones in terracotta and brick red shades. Combine them with neutrals or modern fabric prints to craft a classic yet fresh look.


Suave gray is a top color trend for 2024, channeling Parisian style to create refined and calming living spaces. It’s a sophisticated hue that pairs well with various textures and materials to create visually stimulating rooms. By contrast, all-white schemes are fading out because they lack personality and warmth. Also fading out are boucle fabrics, which are considered more dated and less versatile than other textiles. Faux limewash walls are also losing popularity because they aren’t authentic and instead create an artificial, cold look.

A trompe l’oeil effect is in because it evokes an artistic sense of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to add dimension to a wall and can serve as an intriguing focal point. Another way to bring character and personality into your home is through reclaimed wood pieces, vintage finds and artisanal craftsmanship. These pieces speak to a sense of authenticity and personalization that’s becoming more important in modern life. Sustainable design is growing in importance, with homeowners seeking out furniture and finishes made from renewable or recycled materials to minimize environmental impact.


A new wave of texture is sweeping through interior design, from the walls to the floors. This trend is all about adding visual interest to rooms without making them feel cluttered or overdone.

Designers and homeowners are both leaning toward more organic shapes. From rounded furniture to arched bathroom vanities, these soft forms add character and appeal to homes.

While minimalism will always have its place, designers are recognizing that ultra-minimalism can sometimes feel cold and impersonal. This year, minimalist trends are evolving to incorporate warm, cozy elements that create spaces that are both modern and homey at the same time.

Earthy tones like terracotta and deep brick reds can be striking when used as accent colors in bedrooms, bathrooms or living areas. When paired with neutrals or muted shades, they provide a soothing and inviting ambiance.


Patterns bring energy, interest and contrast to interior design schemes. Whether it’s tribal prints or geometric shapes, pattern is making an impression. But selecting the right motifs is key to success. For instance, circular patterns feel confident and dynamic. Elongated circles in lozenge-shaped form are especially enticing and suit coffee tables or central pieces like mirrors or rugs. Just make sure to mix them sparingly or risk overpowering your scheme.

Taking it up a notch, designers are using decorative patterns to make walls pop. Trompe l’oeil, meaning “deceive the eye,” is an artful paint technique that can add dimension to living rooms and other areas.

Another trend we’re seeing is rounded designs in kitchens and bathroom spaces. Jennifer Verruto, CEO of Blythe Interiors, says homeowners are embracing curved elements such as arched vanity mirrors to soften the look of linear vanities.


With a focus on enduring materials and a move away from fleeting trends, 2024 interior design trends are anything but fashionable fads. Nature-inspired elements, innovative smart home technologies, bold colour schemes, and curvilinear furniture are helping homeowners create living spaces that promote well-being, sustainability, and individuality.

Effortlessly elegant, this serene trend balances simplicity with function and comfort. From fluted walls steeped in classical architectural heritage to sculptural ceiling details, this balanced design style adds intrigue and visual drama to your space.

Global aesthetics and artisanal craftsmanship merge to craft story-rich interiors. Whether it’s an illustrated tile backsplash or an African handcrafted sculpture, this trend turns homes into unique sanctuaries that reflect their inhabitants’ worldly travels and imagination.