The Revival of Retro: Incorporating Vintage Appliances Into Modern Homes

The Revival of Retro: Incorporating Vintage Appliances Into Modern Homes

Bring vintage into modern living in many different ways – be it just adding a splash of color with appliances or opting for the full retro aesthetic – by integrating vintage elements. Here are a few ideas:

These design elements will help you recreate an authentic 1960s kitchen aesthetic, from colorful dishware with patterns to retro lighting fixtures.

The Stand Mixer

Stand mixers can be invaluable tools in the kitchen for anyone who enjoys baking. Popular on wedding registries and Amazon wish lists alike, the iconic mixer is easy to maintain; no longer do you have to scrub cake batter out from all its hiding places in your appliance!

Hobart Manufacturing Company in Troy, Ohio invented and patented its stand mixer in 1918 as part of the Second Industrial Revolution – when middle-class American homes began adding electricity and companies reduced factory equipment for use at home, according to historian Megan Elias.

Today’s consumers, particularly millennials, still love retro aesthetics. Incorporating retro hues into modern design is easy – from statement furniture to small kitchen appliances – like adding vintage with KitchenAid Artisan Series stand mixers in colors like boysenberry, raspberry ice or ocean drive! To bring some vintage into your abode consider purchasing one in boysenberry, raspberry ice or ocean drive shades!

The Refrigerator

There are various approaches to selecting vintage-inspired kitchen appliances. One is by investing in real vintage appliances like Monitor Top refrigerators (which can cost as much as $3,000 before restoration costs) while another approach might be purchasing modern models from companies like Big Chill or SMEG that feature vintage designs with all of today’s features built-in.

Use smaller appliances such as toasters and stand mixers to channel Retro style, such as toasters and stand mixers. Decorating with Retro decor can enhance any kitchen design theme; or you could go neutral and let one retro piece like your refrigerator stand out by itself. Adding vibrant hues is another effective way to bring this trend home; use shapes with playful curves for a funky aesthetic and you are well on your way!

The Stove

Classic stoves add elegance and character to any kitchen, from rustic and country to Mediterranean styles. Not only are these classic appliances beautiful to look at but their vintage design often evokes memories for Gen Z and Millennials – not to mention being far more eco-friendly than buying modern mass-produced ranges with planned obsolescence that had to be extracted from the earth and shipped around using fossil fuels!

An entirely retro kitchen may not be for everyone, but adding retro elements can still be easily accomplished with smaller appliances like your toaster, microwave and coffee machine. Many manufacturers now produce appliances with both modern capabilities and vintage appeal – for instance SMEG’s Northstar series looks just like those seen on 1950s cooking shows or Elmira Stove Works Antique ranges can give your kitchen that antique feel – it all depends on what level of vintage appeal suits your personal taste and desired level in your kitchen design!

The Dishwasher

One of the more difficult challenges homeowners encounter is how to decorate their kitchens with appliances that reflect the period in which their house was constructed. One effective solution is hiding modern appliances behind panels that complement cabinetry.

Refrigerators and dishwashers often look their best when concealed within quarter-sawn oak icebox trim kits, adding warmth and classic style. There are other ways you can hide these appliances without jeopardizing their architectural integrity either.

Stephane Larue made waves as an author with The Dishwasher, his bestseller novel that transports readers deep into the depths of a restaurant kitchen. Based on real events and with vivid depictions of fast-paced kitchen environments that create an engaging narrative based on real events – giving this tale its authentic flair.